Solar dryer ECO 100

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The characteristics of the solar сушара ЕКО120  
Gross volume 2.01 m3
Approximate weight 150 kg
The maximum capacity of the drying. 100 kg/day
The total installed power capacity of the main and lateral dampers 4,0 kW
The power of the electric heater 3,0 kW
The total installed power capacity 7,0 kW
The flow of air through the main fan 750 m3/h
The power of the major fan 0,18 W
Dimensions of drying trays 0,5 x 0,8 m
The way the circulation of the air Forced
Type of trays Perforated stainless steel trays
Number of trays 16
Outer sheath Polycarbonate (1o mm)
Working fluid Air


This is a new product with a capacity of approximately 100 kg. The main source of heating energy is provided from solar energy, but in addition it has a built-el.the heater. There are конторолер, which is controlled by temperature and moisture. The opportunity for the development of a more сушари up to 500 pounds, according to the requirement of the купецот.

Фотонапонскиот system, the current is the additional element. It is not at the normal price. The period of production is 40 days from the payment to a down payment. Your request for a visit, and a glimpse of a new and innovative product, you may return to the e-mail to contracts, is a term for a meeting.

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