Solar dryers|Air collectors.


The training of the solar installers|Development of educational equipment


Thermal systems|Photovoltaic systems|Hybrid systems



Eco Solar works with the production of solar dryers and air collectors.


Zoran Trajkov is a licensed multiplier program for solar installers according to the model of the Chamber of Crafts Koblenz, Germany. Program under which training sessions are conducted is verified from the Ministry of Education. Eco Solar until now has orgnized 10 training for installing solar systems

Service, installation and dimensioning

(thermal, photovoltaic, hybrid)

Eco Solar works with installation :

-Photovoltaic systems

-Thermal systems for homes, restaurants , halls, and public buildings

-Hybrid systems for kindergartens, gyms

Educational equipment for the study of the use of solar energy

The equipment consists: solar garden, thermophonic mobile unit, mobile heat pump unit, suitcase with photovoltaic unit and perforated panel measuring devices .Perforated panel measuring devices consisting of several units . Photovoltaic
panel, 2 inverters ( modified and pure sine wave)-students realize the benefits of the use of pure sinewave inverter , Charging regulator ,battery-gel,3 consumers ,two volt meters , and two unimeter 24 connectors.


the sub-text



The successful cooperation with the Fund for innovation and the university of Goce Delcev university of Štip.

Complete the practical part of the training for all of the systems and renewable energy sources

Eco-Солар within the framework of the PROJECT for the development of the business ecosystem has successfully завшри theoretical training... read more

Drying apples-Golden Deliches and crackers

Dry the organic јаболки A Делишес the hot air from the power generation of a PV solar system. A collaboration with UGD. The project... read more

Eco Solar, verified training center for the program “Maintenance-servicer of electrical and mechanical devices

Eco-Солар of September, 2020 is a verified training center is carrying out training according to the program, the "Longer-service of electric power... read more

Eco Solar provided a CE mark for the solar dryer ECO-100

Eco-Солар in December of 2018 year, the сертифицираше according to the standard ISO 9001:2015. The certificate has been issued by the Slovenian... read more

Eco Solar exibits at "AGRO FAIR 2019 Strumica“

Eco-Солар the performances of its three products ( Solar сушара ECO 120; Mobile фотоволтаична unit; a Mini сушара) of the exhibition "AGRO -... read more

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